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Wife fucks boss story

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Alot of men say they are ready for a long term relationship, but make sure you are making the effort, if you don't have time to spend quality time with me,then do not respond.

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I took that as a yes.

She said I was late, and demanded to know what I got up to. One day my boss called me up and told me he cannot come to office as the pain has increased hence he called me to his house to give me some documents wfie discuss some official matters.

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The movie rolled on as I got more and more turned on. She was now getting mad.

What was kind of surprising was that she enjoyed it too. Luckily I never had any accidents! From what I could see he did have an impressive stroke.

My boss keeps fucking my wife

During the second night my Boss had sodomized her in a wild way. I could make out she did not have sex since her husband got injured and that happened almost 10 months ago. My girl was getting ready, I suited up, we kissed each other goodbye, me with worrying frown, her with a beaming smile. My wife was ecstatic for me! She even told me she was very much frustrated of her life. That would offend most guys, but I really enjoy it when men stare at her chest, and my biggest problem was hiding my hard-on under the table.

He dropped his pants and started fucking her from behind while she sucked me.

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She slowly pulled it down and my monster sprung out. She had passed out. She then stood up and stepped away from the lounger, grabbed the rest of her stuff and headed for the door. What did he want?

Fucking my bosses wife (true story)

Last year the holiday parties were held at a nice hotel, booked into suites the idea being we could all drink and be merry without worrying about driving afterward. I told her we will do fhcks things. She got up and said she liked it very much.

Every evening laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins. My wife looked at me with a shocked expression and stammered "I didnt mean it that way". I was impressed when I wifs got a good look at his cock, he was both long and very thick.

Wife fucks my boss

I was not sure at first, thinking my sweet wife could be fucked wildly by a bunch of hungry bastard business men who loved conventions and stay in a filthy down town hotel. My Boss's wife was also in the league and we ended up on the same team. The noises started out as wincing, painful groans, but it only took a minute till her sex stroy started.

Made her lay down and again started to kiss. When she went to shower, Jack told me that I was a lucky man and should never give her up. Of stkry, that left me, my hard dick, and my Bosses wife sitting on the balcony. I soaped up her tits and her ass and did all I could to turn her on.

ficks Now she was liking it and increased the pace of sucking. My boss took her ature in few documents and I left the place. The resort was all inclusive and we quickly found out that the little wrist bands are fabulous — soon the bartenders were pouring away and the party was on full steam. Ana told me she lay there feeling naughty and started stroking her clit when suddenly the door opened and my Boss walked in, turning the lights on and catching her as she shoved three fingers up her stretched wet cunt.

It noss awesome hearing her getting fucked while she gave me a fantastic blow job.

Suddenly John grabbed my growing erection and he stroked my foreskin up and down my throbbing dick as ordered me to get down on my knees and suck his hard cock. It was an odd request, I mean a hotel this nice certainly had room service. I fucked her for 5 mins and she started cumming with heavy flow. She came into the office wearing shorts and a low-cut blouse, and there was no way that Jack wasnt going to notice her. I asked her to strip fully except for her jewellery.

Janet went to sleep as if exausted. She did not resist and slowly moved my lips to hers and started kissing passionately.

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I held her and stroked her back. My boss director of the company is suffering from an injury while he was playing some outdoor games. When I pulled the covers storg, there was not one but two very large wet spots on the bed, Janet looked sheepish at me and pulled the second sheet back over them and climbed into bed, I lay awake all night, shocked and confused by what had happened and the fact it somehow made me aroused.

Man the scene was heavenly. That night Jack took us to a sex club.