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What happened to

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I got it screwed up. Riddle me that one!

Brass MemberMallory was indicted when PI was. Their information has been posted in public facebook profiles and all so the girls can watch out.

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Authorities say the suspect was allegedly arranging appointments out of the home. Yes no one was arrested but the girls that left with the undercovers said that above.

You can contact Tom attdavidson triblive. It wasn't Federal!

Why indys is a horrible website

If you see something weird, please me. That's what you're not getting. Her questioning took place Friday August 3rd, in her home, in Hamilton County. None of them wanted to appear on camera.

The following 2 users say thank you to nikki_fox for this useful post:

Not bashing. Conclusion: Indys. When all is said and done, as always in the past, everyone will get what they deserve. I am not ready to write off "Indys" yet but may take some steps to insure my safety. Otherwise, take you chances, place your on indys, trust happende vouched members to be who they say that they are and prove me wrong. Fowler was indys.dom with promoting prostitution, conspiracy and prohibited acts for having a baggie containing marijuana.

As we all know there is more to these postings than meets the eye.

Indyscom I disagree. The second was pragmatic. The list goes on and on. He will be looking at RICO charges, and once the federal forensic teams of multiple agencies go to work, this will be a shitstorm of Katrina proportions. PhatDatyMallory was indicted when PI was. The undercover was there for the bikini contest my friend participated in while there. The claims they make on this site are hogwash, total nonsense, and nothing but unfulfilled promises for sure.

For "you" to even ask such questions, le me to believe that you have other concerns that must be addressed.

If that upsets someone. Believe what you want to believe. Fowler allegedly also told police about his role in the evening.

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A county detective sent a text to the asking if there were any appointments available. For the three "inquiring" minds: As a former Fully Vouched and trusted member of Indys, my interest is quite simple; provide information that ahppened volunteered to me by other former members who know and understand that their privacy, their true identity, has been violated.

Nope I don't. But ready or not, come hell or high water, this baby was going live October 1. Police made the bust around p. ChrissiMadisonI stand corrected, his case is, in fact bound over.

AkadartYes, you are correct. It is why we are here. MemberDon't know if its true but I HEARD the Feds are bringing in a forensic happebed to examine their books as well as the provider reviews to turn over to the IRS for tax evasion by the providers as well as going after the leaders. I, for one, will not tolerate, nor will I ever acquiesce to the notion that women deserve to be harmed, threatened, or endangered physically or psychologically.

If you are that close to the drama then you are as HOT as everyone else involved because you are so "informed" of the matter.

8 arrested in pittsburgh prostitution crackdown

I've been in business for many years. They were vouched members of the board that had been seeing girls for the investigation. Snyder was charged with prostitution, possession of methamphetamine, conspiracy and criminal use of a cellphone, according to a criminal complaint. My name is not on any arrest warrants, as PI's and Mallory's are, and my hobby reputation is more than secure within my circle.

Don't stick up for any of those folks from PA that about ruined the hobby in Ohio. Reviews, posting activities and rates and then verifications by providers of said activities and rates. This board, like others, is a location to share information, to keep hobbyists comfortable.

Welcome to the indy’s brand-new website

More Allegheny Stories. BrassAs I know who you are.

Jeff Korczy, of Allegheny County Police. Part of the operation involved the website Escort Babylon, which instructs potential clients to call a to arrange for an appointment for sexual acts.

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Think ASPD. Would you rather have all of this information kept from your fellow hobbyists? He wasn't. Tl whole world can read this post, but I am aware of that fact.