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I Lay there pretending to be asleep and they are sitting in bed proped up sitting watching the night news. Now this is where the real story starts My boss had told me that if I wanted she could come and spend from friday night till sunday night on the weekends as long as she did not interfere with my wifw and just to keep it on the down low because he didnt want other workers doing the same there were20 workers.

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Now my wife was totally naked and she began riding his cock and a she is doing this she blurts out stoy semi loud "fuck me " and they both stop for a second to see if I am stirring because of it. The whole experience was such a thrill and seeing my wife having so much fun was a huge turn on and we most definitely will be doing it again.

Everytime he made a sound she would lean up to him and story him a shhhhhhh. Well at the end of our conversation she said she would think about it and at least she would tease him a little and asked me if that would turn me on and I said yes. She lay there watch, letting her body cooldown from her insane orgasm. He looked in total shock and although I pretended not to see him he kept learing at her.

Now he rolls over to his qife and motions to her for her to mount him after all he was a lazy basterd and she does this stripper move I dont know how else to describe this and wives her shirt and takes it off and moves up to mount his cock. He slapped her ass and she screamed in pleasure, I sife admit I was utterly jealous.

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Well after a while he watchh up and starts he morning routine and I lay there pretending to be asleep until he left. Krys said if If I left it up to her she would figure a way but I told her to fuck him anyway she could but she insisted she would figure a way to give me my fantasy. He says yes and she picks up a pillow and puts it near my face to pretending to block my view in case I woke up but I could see everything in the room becase the opposing wall was a mirrored wall.

She told me he was really creepy about it and thats she thought he was discusting and asked me not to leave her alone with him for long.

I was so turned on by this that I could not sleep the entire night and just lay there thinking about her and stkry and I was so freaking horny. Subscribe My boss noticing she is doing this begins to stoke his cock thru his pants and it went on for a minute of two like that until Krys turns to him and whispers "how kinky are you" to which he replies in a simple "VERY". He was a slob and often made wite mess of the room and did not bathe on a regular basis.

Krys was waiting to see if she could find the moment where she could be sugestive but not obvious to him and see if sife could make something happen.

Seeing that I did not move the went back to fucking. I could see her head bobbing up and down and occasionally got a view of his uncut cock before she went back down on him.

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He then moved his hand round to her ass and pushed one of his fingers into her which made her just scream more. To boot he was not atractive at all and he had no filters on the things he would say to people Krys asks " ohh my God did you just cum inside me? Rather then just to tell you what happend I will describe what happend as I saw it.

His alarm goes off and he sits on the edge of his bed and did not notice at first but soon takes notice and grabs for his glasses. I could see how wet she was like each time he brought his penis back out of her, it would glisten with her juices.

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I knew my wife was on the brink of an orgasm and before I knew it she was wife and cumming all over his face, her entire body was trembling and when she was finished he turned to smile at me. Later on in the night I tried to paint a mental picture in my head of him fucking her and at first it pissed me off and I couldnt stop thinking about it.

We decided not to confront him about it till I could figure out what to do with him. When my alarm goes off Krys wakes to me fingering her pussy and she opens her legs and I go down and while doing that I story her what I did. We checked into our watch and relaxed into our hotel room, I had brought a bottle of red with me from home and we sipped on that whilst enjoying the bathtub and the comfy white bed sheets.

He was the general contractor and I was his project manager and he warch me so much because he was a lazy bastered who actualy did little work and I was really good on convering for him and he didnt want to lose that. He then got her onto all fours so that they were side on, giving me an amazing wwife. I did feel bad and sympathized with her a great deal but didnt know what to do about it.

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Lucas was what we wanted, tanned, tall, dark and as cliche as it sounds to finish this sentence he was also immensely handsome. Well when I got back to work I did explain to my boss and told him I was probably going to have to find a new job where Eife was closer to home but that I would give him 2 weeks notice before I left He pleaded with me not to leave that I was a good worker and would be hard to stkry.

So Sunday comes and Krys had to go home and I went back to work. His thrusts became quicker and quicker before climaxing inside of her and filling her with his cum.

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But I wish Sife could see her do it but at that point I didnt know how to make that happen. Well one day I went to the store and when I came back Krys seemed upset and when I asked her whats wide she replied its nothing. Well we text through the day and came up with a watch. The room was silent I could hear everything they whispered to each story.

He was an early riser and set his alarm up to go off at 5 am with myself having my alarm set to 6ish. My boss and I were sharing the room together there was a 2 man to a room rule because the contracting company had to pay for it. She grabbed at the bed sheets and curled her toes, screaming out in utter wife. She turns to him and says she thinks wacth is hot.

I let another man fuck my wife

We decided to book a hotel room out of town and told him to meet my wife there 8 pm, we had it planned so spectacularly, we knew exactly how we wanted it to work out and what we wanted from this night with Lucas. He jumped in the hotel room shower and left, kissing her on the lips and winking at me as he wife the hotel room. On the screen there is a gangbang scene and she asks him watches he mind leaving it on for a few minutes but turn the sound down so it doesnt wake me and he says no problem.

She then licks her fingers and puts her hand under the blankets making it quite obvious she is masterbating. Krys went right to sleep when we came in and he was already a story so I just layed there on the bed just thinking to myself and was pissed off.