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Tuscl dayton Looking Hookers

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Tuscl dayton

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Looking for a little play time. I have the time and the place to help you explore your wildest fantasies in a safe and secure setting.

Name: Natala
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I've had better experiences in the afternoon.

Overview of dayton ohio clubs?

I've gotten superb mileage in this LD area. Sometimes I start there and then go to Cheeks if I don't see anything I like. Cheeks is somewhere between the upscale feel of the Living Room and the prices at the Harem. Start at the Harem during the morning and day and move to the LR later. It has a smoking lounge up stairs.

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There you have it. Honestly, Cheeks would be considered third place, but just don't waste the drive. The best of the 3 LD areas is the one lone cubicle off to the right of the club when you walk in. This one is usually occupied, but is by itself and has a curtain over the door.

Best strip bars near dayton ohio

There's also Diamond's. You are sure to find what you're looking for from one of the two. VIP and CR are also upstairs.

I've never been there because of the no touching rules, but I've been told that the girls there are better looking, if that's you're thing. I don't recommend any other clubs in the area.

They are more private than the Harem. There are 3 different LD areas.

If you can, grab the sayton room to the right that is curtained off for the most privacy. They don't serve alcohol, but the girls are nude. Girls negotiate their own prices.

Ddayton living room opens at 3pm. The girls tend to be slightly hotter than the Harem. Their small, uncomfortable, and of course near the DJ booth. You can find good looking girls at either club, but there will be a handful more fuglies thrown into the mix at Living Room.

The event center

You're going to find more girls at Cheeks, but daygon contact is better at Living Room. Living Room is more pricey in comparison to the harem, but all the girls will give TTP.

This club dayon to be my regular spot and I can say that you won't get any extras, but all the girls are eager to tkscl a good grind in the right places for you money. You'll have more chances to access the solo room in the afternoon. The place reeks of smoke as it gets later in the day, but you will get the best bang for your buck here during the day.

The rates are 20 dollars for topless and 40 per for full nude. LD area is a row of couches.

The Harem and The Living Room are just a short 5min drive down the road from each other. They open at 4pm most days. Where at the Harem there is an open community area seperated from the club by tusxl few walls, the Living Room has sectioned out areas where you're seperated from the couple next to you by a wall.

They do have a VIP room that I tried many years ago. Every hour they do a 2 for 25 dance special. Opens as early as 3pm. Avoid the other places.

But I miss the Harem they're closed for one year due to nuisance allegations as a result of a raid. Living Room opens at three with no cover and drinks are pretty cheap and turnover from day to night shift happens steadily through early evening.

Don't get a LD near the DJ booth. There's been recent harassment from LE, so don't expect extras, but dyton contact at either place is acceptable. A little bit upscale from the Harem. The club is brighter and has a more upscale look to it.

Cheeks would be further for you, but it has a little bit of daytom The Living Room and the Harem. On average, the dance prices are thru Seriously this is the best part. And if I'm still going at it late into the night sometimes I go back to Living Room and find that something really nice showed up while I was gone. I've visited right at openning and also visited late dauton night. The bouncer would peek his head in every once in awhile.

The dance counts are tracked by a bouncer.