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Then some bright spark came up with some hehots of Tom Cruise and it was no contest. It depends on who you ask.

But then, the behind the scenes stories started coming in. He wants to talk about movies. One fan recalls being on the set of the film Saved! Her character was eventually killed off in the third season finale, and she was replaced by Rose McGowan. Guess what?

Jones is notorious for being indifferent to meeting fans, often times ignoring them or refusing to autographs outright. Afterward, Tom took odd jobs to help ends meet.

Here are 15 forgotten facts about Tom Cruise's past. His performance in something like Jack Reacher doesn't dig as deep as his work in Magnolia or Vanilla Sky, but there's a different kind of pleasure in the unfussy wielding of his star power. Whether a movie star, TV icon, or somewhere in between, the ones worth remembering are the ones who cultivate a consistent image, a persona we can instantly associate with them.

His oldest? Tom's face, its structure and features, were used as the model for Aladdin's face. There are dozens of lists detailing the good deeds that Williams performed before his untimely death, from visiting terminally ill fans and entertaining the troops in Iraq to raising millions of dollars for charity. Well, it's all to do with the Church of Scientology. What you might not expect, however, seeing as Buscemi usually plays weasels onscreen, is that the New York native is a legitimate hero in real life.

According to some fans, however, he can also come off ornery, curt, and sometimes, a bit unpleasant.

Weirder still, the movie is often satisfying on its own silly terms. Apparently, Cher's keeping quiet. So it's not surprising that at the age of 14 he entered a seminary with a view to becoming a Catholic priest. The man oozes talent. s of meeting Goldblum range from the causally charming to the utterly delightful, like one in which the actor caught a couple looking his way at a restaurant, walked over to them, and asked if they crujse like to take a photo with him.

They saw sales rise by some o percent after the release of the movie.

She is also an avid supporter of animal rights, writing about her love for dogs, in particular, in her companion book The Kind Diet. He held her in very high esteem and was heartbroken when she died in August of Sweet deal. He claims that instead of acknowledging them, the actor pretended to walk around on his cell phone and responded only when one of the female fans said he was sexy. There are several stories online about Perry being a welcome sight at events, where he regularly jokes and takes photos with admirers of the show.

Does Tom worry?

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The Mummy is intended to kickstart the "Dark Universe," a series of films capitalizing on Universal Pictures' classic monsters the Mummy, the Wolfman, Dracula, etc. He was born into a poor New York family and rose from that to fame and fortune in Hollywood. And Ray-Ban?

It's fun enough watching Cruise fight his way through the Lady Mummy's skeletal corpse minions, and grapple with Russell Crowe, playing a Dr. And Tom puts his money where his mouth is, donating millions to the Church every year. Cruise projects are rarely terrible. The Color of Money, Days of Thunder, and Cocktail all follow Cruise achieving excellence at a trade often sort of a pointless one while learning to be a slightly better man.

As with his action bona fides, Cruise's positioning as a romantic star was always a little overblown, a combination of dopey romances from his early films and the success of the lovely Jerry Maguire. But The Mummy takes it to an extreme, where Nick Morton begins the movie having already slept with Jenny Halsey, off-camera — and then they barely touch for the rest of the running time except, of course, when he's saving her life.

Williams also put a smile on the face of some of his famous buddies. The movie takes advantage of Cruise's willingness to run and jump — and also to get knocked around.

He had a very strict Catholic upbringing. But since his perceived meltdown circa while promoting War of the Worlds, Cruise has regrouped and retreated into damage-control mode. Cruse his movies once toyed with the Cruise golden-boy image, his movies from this decade often convert it into a kind of man-of-action stoicism derived from his Mission: Impossible character, Ethan Hunt. See, they each think they are the most important member the Church has.

And what role has the Church of Scientology played in his life?

Wonder what mom thought? Bizarrely, he credits the Church with curing his dyslexia. As he matured into his teen years, jwrk, and later into adulthood, Culkin developed a reputation for being arrogant in interviews and mean to his fans.