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Opponents argue these sites facilitate the sexual exploitation of girls and women.

Epstein was indicted last summer on sex trafficking charges for flying teen girls to his homes and allegedly paying ny to engage in sex acts with himself and others, employing force in some cases. These cases also highlight how expanding immigrant and sex worker rights could benefit victims more than these needle-in-a-haystack "rescue" missions. This woman and others take clients to spas to have sex, Amy said.

It's enough to leave the impression that ending actual harm against massage parlor workers isn't the primary goal. Known cases in the United States remain incredibly rare. But as of Decemberthere is no evidence that such charges were filed or that any victims were discovered.

He doesn't want workers to do anything more than give hand jobs; it's safer for him legally if they don't offer full sex, he said. After an ordeal that lasted a year and a half, Shu's charges are now likely to be dismissed.


No one was convicted of or pleaded guilty to trafficking. No one was accused of abduction, smuggling anyone into the country illegally, or running an operation involving children. And the Department of Justice has started targeting new sites, including Rubmaps.

Women like Yuqin Shu and Yang Song pose no threat to anyone. In a welcome shift from their typical focus, U. One of those people is Kim. Still, one of the workers was deported to China and more than half of the businesses were shut down.

– complete rundown of the site

I met Jenny, a year-old massage worker rugmaps in Flushing who at the time we spoke offered full service the euphemism for intercoursein front of a concrete lion demarcating the historic main branch of the Nyc York Public Library in Manhattan. In an era of increased public suspicion of mass incarceration and tough-on-crime politics, Gruber et al. When I asked her if her boss was a human trafficker, she laughed.

The Politics of Massage Parlor Busts Even though these cases consistently turn out to be duds, prominent rising political stars on both rubmaps left and the right rubmas been active participants in this sort of prosecution. They certainly can just not come back to work the next day, you know?

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They were averaging nyc clients a day… with no days off. Most of these cases, however, lack any known victims or any allegations that sex acts were coerced or forced. Other cities have rubmap barring new massage parlors from opening altogether. Polaris has also aggressively perpetuated the idea that the Super Bowl turns host cities into temporary hotbeds of sex trafficking, a popular myth with nycc rubmaps in evidence.

Jenny said massage parlors have better working conditions than other forms of work Chinese immigrants with limited language skills can get. Massage parlors have long been tied to sex in the United States.

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When we entered Zhong Huang Spa, a man with a massage implement was rapidly hitting himself on the back as three young women crowded around, eager for their body rubs. Only three sex trafficking suspects during this period are alleged to have coerced any specific victims.

Even as a strategy to stop abuse, this is baffling. In one case, year-old Rita Law—a Hong Kong immigrant naturalized in —was convicted of exploiting two massage business employees and sentenced to months in federal prison. I have never seen that. The inability to identify any trafficking victims is especially striking given that law enforcement used every tool at their disposal to get the answer they wanted.

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But after much searching, I finally found a massage worker who offers sex who was willing to talk face-to-face. The bill's eponymous sponsor, Rep.

And the Madison County Circuit Court has denied Marshall's request to make the shutdowns permanent, saying the state failed to make its case. Business has suffered because "customers are afraid," Lisa added. But that hasn't stopped Polaris from pushing a range of new state and federal regulations based on its manufactured crisis, nor has it stopped the media from running sensationalistic stories pegged to Polaris reports.

Dianne Feinstein D—Calif. People who coerce or force others into prostitution do exist, and violence against those involved in prostitution happens. Several businesses are still fighting these actions, though a judge did finally dismiss civil asset forfeiture claims against two of the defendants in fall Debt can drive people to do sex work as a way to pay down their loans.