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Puerto rican hoes

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May be heard from government officials as their response for problems in the Island: "Ya estamos bregando con eso. Peldona ricah - "Sorry, eh?!

Related words: fuete, azote, latigo, latigazo. When Columbus puts his finger down or, When hell freezes over.

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Me meo de la risa - "So funny I wet my pants". Also the matchmaker in illicit romantic relations.

A pejorative adjective for an insufferable person. H Hablas cuando las gallinas rucan - Literally, "Speak when hens pee". It is used to tell someone to "keep quiet or else". The term is also used to describe the behaviour of a youngster that is exaggeratingly acting up either from being very sad, not wanting to do something, or just too happy. Also used to describe someone who spoils someone else too much.

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A person who is excited with a gain or with long-awaited good news. Frikitona - From the Spanish word coqueta, but can mean a freak in bed. Related words: A fueguembel, fuegoski, a fueguillo. A contraction of Old Spanish, 'ochavo': one-eighth; 'pieces of eight'.

It makes reference to an old Puerto Rican TV show called Desafiando a los Genios with Jose Miguel Agrelot, Shorty Castro, Ema Rosa Vicenti and others, in which a naive participant, always carrying a "lonchera" will always describe his "best friend the painter" as hles always taking care of his the participant's wife. A rest period between tough situations or tough times.

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It is used when someone steps on your foot and you want to tell them that the ground is below your foot. Nalga - Meaning buttocks. Paquete - Literally, "package.

Babosada - Useless, stupid, or nonsense. Sandunguero - Party music.

puerot Tomar el pelo - Literally, "To take someone's hair. Candela - Fire or flame, heat, passion. Ma'i - Contraction of mami "mommy". Usually used when something awesome occurs.

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Cangri - An important person who's in charge. In other countries is known as "estacionar". Gas pela - Literally gas peels, but can mean, "to show heat" from a women, as in body. Hacerse el loco - Equates to "To play dumb". Puya - Coffee without any milk or sugar; Bitter Coffee.

To play hookey. Mierda - Literally meaning shit. Used to refer to the mode of transportation afoot when you to get to a place by walking only because you have no car available.

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Also another term for "butthole" Joyo - Slang ricam "hoyo", hole. Gistro - A g-string or thong. Typically a fight that either continues outside or causes folks to run out of a place in fear.

Can also be said as a contraction, as cu' culo. Masacote - Refers to a large penis.

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Originates from a popular Puerto Rican folktalea classical PR literary character. She so slow-minded that she didn't understand. The correct Spanish is "pasar tiempo con alguien. As gican "Coger la juyilanga.

To be on drugs.