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Lost pets el paso

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Visit the shelter at least prts other day to search the kennels to see if the animal was found. It will send out a broadcast fax or e-mail to all local shelters and veterinary offices. First thing things first!

Most shelters like ours are space available meaning we are petss full and have a wait list, however, every shelter is different. If there is no space available there is a waitlist option. Lost a Pet? Trust us we know!

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Other options. In a perfect scenario the owner will have all information up to date and come to the location to pick up their animal.

Before going to a shelter or rescue Call ahead to check if space is available and what the impound process is. We do not want to discourage anyone from helping stray or lost animals, however, it is a big task and requires patience. Check for a Microchip Take the animal to a vet or rescue to see if it has a microchip.

Alert Shelters Alert the Humane Society and other local shelters. Be specific about the area where the pet was lost and include your contact information. This service is free of charge.

Here petx some steps you should follow to successfully complete your rescue and continue being a pet hero. There are several things you can do if your pet gets lost. Microchip Check If your pet is microchipped, alert the microchip company.