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Karen kay sex stories

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But im happy you are happy again.

Name: Brandea
Age: 37
City: Somonauk, Cottenham, White Marsh
Hair: Blue & black
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Katie began thinking in a devilish way how she could use this scenario in so many ways.

Within a day they started getting replies to their ad from several different black men in their area. The husband lifted his face up looking toward the muscular black man with his mouth half open and tongue sticking out. Her body started the shack but Steven kept licking and working the tip of his tongue on her little clit.

Darla yelled that she was ready. She was moaning with intense pleasure as the black master rammed his huge thick black body down into the little white wife.

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What you looking for Babe? Katie was surprised by how well endowed some of these men were in the movies. He replied with a short note.

He loves to please me in so many ways. She wore high heel pumps and a short dress and began dancing to a sexy song she liked to dance to when they went out to a club. You excited?

Karen kay stories

Stacy is now my ex-wife. You get into kwy your husband in sexual situations? He was neatly shaven and had a clean cut intelligent appearance. The camera panned in closer giving the viewers a better look as the black master held her legs up high in the air.

She was naked underneath the dress as he forced her face down onto the bed and pulled her petite body toward the edge of the bed lining up his cock between her white ass cheeks. She never felt so stimulated by black men until Steven introduced her to this kind of lifestyle. Steven suggested that perhaps Katie could make her own movie to post on the site and just see what kind of response they got back from her ad.

Her focus concentrated on several shops that catered in adult oriented attire. His dick started to get hard ,aren as he began thinking back to last night.

Candice and I have been married for 9 years. Katie and Steven watched as the black man roughly spread her delicate little ass apart and inserted his thick meaty black cock into her wet waiting pussy in one sfories thrust making the little white wife yell out in pain.

syories He was starting to use more passion in his work as Katie grabbed hi hair even harder than started to chant. Thought you were very handsome.

We have this huge suite which we booked late last year. But nothing this erotic that she intended to wear in public in the near future. Steve always seemed to have trouble obtaining an erection. Wants to watch more than anything else.

We have two wonderful children both girls, age 5 and 7. A model figure she had! Steven saw it in her eyes. Having him watch I mean? I still can't believe I got up enough nerve to fuck Randy while Bob watched.

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My wife Jessica and I are in Las Vegas. Over the next few weeks Steven brought home even more movies for him and Katie to enjoy. Katie had storles of patients and spent much time learning about her husband and how to get him hard when they wanted to have sex. Let everything out and act out their wildest srories. I work at a software company and travel on my job often.

She kept studying the picture. Steven still brought the movies home on weekends and they were getting more into interracial with an added twist.

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The black men were all well endowed and very muscular and mean looking. These were real white couples practicing this strange new thing she had never heard of until she watched her first movie. You look great too. He thought it might be fun having a black man that was truly skilled in the art of dominating white couples take control of their sexual lives. Another guy named Kag Mike sounded a bit too dominating but Katie really liked his pictures.

Peter greeted her as she walked through the front door. Steven started bringing home adult movies for them to watch and often found those with women that looked similar to Katie.

He stood waiting for her to climb out of the little golf cart she was riding before making his way to the front door. I guess you could say we are country folks. She continued to giggle as she held the srories dildo between her legs.

Katie of coarse had no problem finding the items she wanted to purchase. He lifted her legs up and moved into position and started to fuck her deep and hard as her legs spread wider to accommodate his huge muscular body. There were many different scenarios where wives would cheat or they were owned by black men and they were atories to bred having their mixed babies. Steven could enjoy giving her pleasure in his own sxe.

She began thinking really quick and finally came up with a reply. A narrow waist and a perky little round ass with long smooth curvy legs. I like that. Real fine body.