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Julie spanks

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This book definitely fits that category and I would recommend it for anyone male or female who has an interest in femdom, spanking or FLR.

Julie spanks

The sequence ends with a very severe belt whipping administered by David to Bea while Julie watches for the last, and most egregious item on Bea's list. I judged about where his loose fitting bathing suit julie go and juloe the strokes above that point. He received extra strokes for swearing and for straightening up, bringing the total to around 60 or so. Or, if he spank he was on very solid ground, could use his judgement and go ahead and do it, but she better not complain about it afterwards, because that would have been extremely poor judgement on his part.

A rape basically. I gave him a mild hand spanking as I fondled and pinched his well-punished bottom cheeks. After it is explained, Julie is mortified.

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Julie put a stop to that with some help from a friend. He got about 45 total. So let's talk about that grope between her legs. Readers who are not interested in such subject matter should not read this book.

During this time, Julie is introduced to spanking, at first playfully when she strips bare and INSISTS that David fucks her pre-maritally and gets a mild naked over-the-knee spanking for her troubles. She even gets into the action herself, and winds up spanking her older sister-in-law as xpanks for when she eventually has kids herself, and the favour is returned as well with a good old fashioned switchin' of Julie by Bea under David's supervision for some misbehaviour.

She is NOT to be insulted like that! Julie is, however, determined to be the best Sunday School pupil Mrs. It seems to be largely writing itself, mainly because I have so much actual experience to draw upon in terms of getting spanked!

Ms. julie spanks

Chapter 3: A Kinkster is Born - Recounting some early jule of how david got into it, and describing a very kinky fantasy scene of david's that has obsessed him for years. By the time I was finished he was begging me and apologizing for all he was worth. He was then put back into his corner, panties again restored, sore and jklie, to await his caning.

This had him writhing in some considerable distress.

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I told him he had better watch out what he asks me to do for a scene in future, and he agreed. I will admit up front to being a long time fan of the Strict Julie Spanks blog.

No warmup. Take the next step of medical fantasy with Dr. I've been writing at an absolutely furious pace. Chapter Massage Parlour Spanking - Julie takes david to the massage parlour as a treat. After the first dozen I felt confident again, and started in harder.

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All hard. I wanted him to feel every last stroke today. She satisfies both her own desire for an exciting sex life and gives her husband exactly what he wants. Posted by.

This book is just as much of a turn on as Julie's blog,Strict Julie Spanks. Parsons checks with the Pastor and is given his go ahead. This chapter recounts their experiences with a series of pretty and dominant in-home personal trainers hired to literally whip david's ass into shape. Parsons mulie not hesitate to put her across her knee, lower her panties, and leather her backside until jylie girl is in tears. Is that not more fun and sexual than disciplinary?

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Not at all. I was fine with the birthday spanking. He said it was due to exercising. They did that but this time david and Julie got a lot more than they bargained for.

Strict julie spanks!

Julie a Christian lifestyle is a show-stopper for David, so Julie agrees to convert, and becomes passionate about that as well. The eagle-eyed Sunday School teacher spots Julie, however, and confiscates her phone, telling Julie to spank her husband after class and to bring him to her office to retrieve it. Before Mrs.

Our heroine is doing it because she was spanked mildly by a loving Dad when she was a little girl, and she associates all sorts of warm and safe and loving things with that time. He had even asked if he was allowed to pull her pants down, and I told him "whatever he could get away with.

Parsons has ever seen. She is introduced to the very traditional church thinking on the topic of gender roles and raising children during Christian marriage preparation classes. There are rules for children who wet themselves during Sunday School that Connie Ferndorf, the aggrieved and vindictive mother, insist be applied in full to Julie For his last implement, the little raper would be receiving the Delrin cane across his backside.

Chapter Wife's Boss Roleplay - Another spanis in story form where Julie must impress her boss that she knows how to handle a scatterbrained husband.