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So, what is Curry?

Curry is often confused as being just a spice blend or a powder. When in actuality, curry simply refers to a meat or vegetable dish that is most like a stew and typically served with rice.

Curry leaves are an herb largely used in South Indian cuisine. Ground curry leaves may be found in curry powder, but not always. Curry powder in fact, is a mixture of ground spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, ginger, and cloves.

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Growing popularity of Indian Cuisine

Indian Thali

Indian Food Demystified

With so many regions in India, it is impossible to have an all-inclusive comprehensive guide of all Indian foods. You could spend a lifetime studying Indian cuisine and still be surprised by the complexity in flavors, textures and tastes that every region has to offer. Yet, the one thing that is common to all regional cuisines is the use of spices.

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The Rise of Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

The Rise of Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is a rich mosaic of exotic spices, fragrant herbs, earthy lentils, grains, flours, rice, fresh vegetables, meats and creamy dairy. In the past few years, Indian food has become very popular in the United States, more and more people are frequenting Indian restaurants and cooking with Indian ingredients at home.

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5 Spices Commonly Used in Indian Cooking

Dhanya Spices and Groceries shares 5 spices commonly used in indian cooking including cumin

Indian food is a wonderful blend of amazing aromas, vibrant colors and sweet, spicy, tangy flavors. If you didn’t grow up cooking Indian cuisine, then doing so at home may be intimidating. While many recipes will feature a long list of ingredients, these 5 spices are commonly used in Indian cooking. Add them to your spice cabinet to get started.

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