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Hypnotized wives

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You will be of average build and waiting to please. Should you ever want the life you crave so much. I AM seeking to meet someone who is romantic, knows how to treat a girl. And noass was worried or feeling strange.

Name: Laverna
Age: 26
City: Roslyn
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It has very powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin to condition her mind for what I must do.

You must do whatever he says. I hypnotized her to be my slave.


They can't. He gave her the universal hands up 'I don't care'. Time to get naked Mister.

Mike is a blue-collar worker all the way, using heavy equipment, working in the dirt. I want to examine your body," he said. Kids might see," she said as she con- tinued her walk into the bedroom.

Larger than any Mike had seen before. He looked at Linda.

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How long have I been asleep? From hyppnotized on, all your orgasms will be at least as intense as this. I will be ready for her first treatment. First, I want to mix this powder in a half glass of Coke.

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Peeling off Elsa's underwear and Chloe's thong, he gives them each a spanking and then samples each of their creamy twats with his fingers and then his stiffie. Her eyed were closed, and she was standing very still and attentive. After all, you are both in charge of this part of my life, that is, my sexual part," she said. If I could just find someone with the same 'real life' interests as me and someone who apreciated my fetishes, I'd be set!

She turned to give him a great view. You know that we are having money problems. I hope to share them with you soon.

In fact, she has beem my slave for some time now. All this time she remained completely still and obedient to her Master's commamds. Today is inspection day and General Mike hypotized be inspecting you and your barracks.

And it has had a calming effect on her. He found her nipples and ever so gently squeezed the right one.

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I'll bet she will be asked to buy hypnotizdd a partnership in a couple of years. As he instructed in the tape, she remained asleep, awaiting his al for her to awaken to her new beginning Lastly, John programmed into her what would be best described as a new identity mode. They became hard at his touch.

She could no more resist the conditioning than resisting hunger or sleep. It wouldn't seem right to ask them over without having our favorite drink.

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CLAP "Be good little birds and clean yourselves up after your worm. He goes back to work on Chloe's landing strip twat while Elsa rides Chloe's face and enjoys a lusty pussy licking. Looking more like kittens than birds as they used their tongues to clean themselves. Although, each time I clap my hands you will take off one article of clothing just as natural as can be and then continue to show off your magnificent breasts.

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She kept herself very athletic, and her breasts were very trim yet ample. Let me show you something, I said as I walked up to Julie. After they leave all will go back to normal and you will remember nothing but having a wonderful time and amazing sex. She doesn't argue with me as much; in fact, she is a lot like when we were when we first met.

He was rewarded with moisture, and was soon massaging her clit.